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“Wing Chun has played a big role in who I am as a person. From day-to-day ordinary situations to the uncommon and unusual, Wing Chun has taught me to remain calm, control my emotions and not let my imagination run away with itself. I have accomplished this by pracitising the movements and meditating on the proverbs of Wing Chun.”

~ Sifu Jody Hill, 9th Generation Master Wing Chun Kuen ~



Ask yourself, if you are prepared and able to survive the next unknown tragedy. Do you know and understand the dos and don’ts of close range combat? Do you have the right mindset, the right knowledge, the right skill level? The knowledge in this book is not your father’s martial arts with high kicks or your TV kung fu mystic motions of perfect timing. No, it’s down and dirty, straight to the point and effective. Wing Chun is a conceptual base fighting art and not a sport, as with most martial arts. Wing Chun universal concepts are based on geometry, physics and natural movements of the body and not athletic ability, size or strength.

Hill Wing Chun (Book One)

Official Hill Wing Chun kung fu Manual.
Learn the philosophy behind the art.







What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is a close-range combat self-defense system that is so dynamic in energy and precise in movement that the
small may overcome the large. I consider Wing Chun to be the masterpiece of all martial arts systems. Wing Chun is a conceptual base fighting system with five main concepts: centerline, facing, forward intention, economy of motion and simplicity. Wing Chun focuses on the ideas of what it means to be rooted, grounded, maintaining center of gravity and the idea of being hard and soft. Wing Chun is based on principles of geometry and physics such as shortest distance between the two points, cutting angles, triangular structure, circular motion, kinetic energy, elastic potential energy, torque, force, pressure and momentum.








50 Years of Martial Arts Experience

Black Sash In 3 Different Ip Man Lineages

Trained in 4 different Martial Art styles: Boxing, Shaolin, Chin Na, Wing Chun

2 TIME Competitor at the World Martial Art Championships


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